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Take Your CC&B Implementation to the Next Level with Automation

Oracle’s Customer Care and Billing System plays a critical role in the business operations of many utility companies. CC&B, while very powerful, can be costly and difficult to manage and maintain. We provide testing and application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions designed for CC&B. Through automation, these solutions dramatically increase the reliability of the system while simultaneously increasing the ease of lifecycle management and maintenance.

CC&B Test

Our Test solution increases the reliability and maintainability of CC&B by providing you with a suite of automated regression testing tools.

Increase System Reliability

Automated testing significantly decreases the risk of system-level and catastrophic failures due to a lack of regression testing.

Automated Testing Built for CC&B

Design and execute CC&B automated test cases using tools specially designed for CC&B, allowing more control and flexibility over your tests.

Design Meaningful Tests

Our automated testing framework was designed based on real-world business requirements, enabling you to develop tests that meet your specific needs.

Focused Tooling

Standard testing frameworks, such as HP UFT or Selenium, aren’t designed for CC&B and are difficult to implement and automate.

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Our ALM solution gives you full control over your CC&B development and deployment processes across multiple environments.

Automated Deployment

Our solution allows you to automate your deployment process with a single command and is flexible enough to handle complex and custom deployment needs.

Source Control

Our proprietary source control process allows your company to manage changes to your CC&B implementation, including version control and history.

Track Requirements

Easily associate changes in the system to work items (i.e. tasks). This association allows your company to track details about each change.

Comply with auditing requirements

Our ALM solution helps to provide internal controls and reporting methods required by Sarbanes-Oxley and other auditing demands.

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  • "Using the automated CC&B build process, I would estimate that I have deployed code no less than a thousand times. It's a reliable and dependable process you can count on."

    Heidi Smith

    Test Manager, Avista Utilities / IntelliTect

  • "The CC&B Test Harness allows me to write clear and straightforward automated tests that are reliable and easy to modify. I never have to worry about the right data being present, regardless of which environment I'm testing against."

    Timothy Weston

    SDET, Avista Utilities / IntelliTect

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