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Our Test solution increases the reliability and maintainability of CC&B by providing you with a suite of automated regression testing tools.

Increase System Reliability

Automated testing significantly decreases the risk of system-level and catastrophic failures due to a lack of regression testing.

Automated Testing Built for CC&B

Design and execute CC&B automated test cases using tools specially designed for CC&B, allowing more control and flexibility over your tests.

Design Meaningful Tests

Our automated testing framework was designed based on real-world business requirements, enabling you to develop tests that meet your specific needs.

Focused Tooling

Standard testing frameworks, such as HP UFT or Selenium, aren’t designed for CC&B and are difficult to implement and automate.

Reduce Time for Creating Tests

We provide an infrastructure that significantly decreases the amount of time and effort required for creating and maintaining automated unit tests.

Increase Test Reliability

Our test harness significantly increases the reliability of tests. Generic testing tools are not designed for CC&B and produce tests are often brittle and unreliable.

Reduce the Expertise Required

Our infrastructure reduces the software development expertise required for creating and running automated tests. SDETs can spend more time testing.

Built on Industry Standard Tooling

Our test harness is built on the proven and open-source Selenium automation testing framework.

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